About Us

Aperations has been helping company's with tech problems since 2010. We look forward to working on a project with you.

Meet the team

Edward Robertshaw


Ed started Aperations.com llc in 2010 after moving to the US. He has experienced startups first hand, most notably with Central.ly and Teamly. He is a hands on engineer and entrepreneur with years of experience building systems and running teams.

Mike Smales

Head of Mobile

Proven track record to of delivering customer requirements on time, and to specification. Has commercial experience writing software for all major mobile platforms, the Web and PC. Can get to grips with new technologies at a fast pace.

Michael Alexander


Mike is focused on crafting smart and easy to use applications. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, studying new technology, and working on personal projects. It's difficult to pry him away from the computer when he's focused on the task at hand.

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We are only a phone call away US: (877) 959-3685 UK: 0800-808-5707